Looks like the Mugshot neck guy is making the most out of his viral fame. 

He’s supposedly going to fight in the Octagon darmowe spiny bez depozytu

Now it looks like he can add music video star to his resume. 

Following a couple of short skits released on social media, mugshot neck guy has teamed up with long neck guy to release their first music video together.

The track is appropriately called, “Neckst Up,” and the video shows the two Internet celebrities in tandem with one another symbolizing the strength of their combined clout and influence.

“Got a long neck and a long check/I don’t live right/but I gotta flex,” Daddy Long Neck raps on the staircase and later inside the mall, as Wide Neck proclaims “H** on my d*** now they at my neck/went from a cell now I’m on the jet.”

Throughout the video, Daddy Long Neck and Mugshot neck guy are accompanied by a model kissing on their neck, when not approached by fans who want their pictures taken with two of the most popular Internet sensations of the year. 

The internet can be so stupid.