Now that the year is ending to completion, some mens haircuts have had a great year while others are just bracing themselves to get started. You should utilise this opportunity and be among those who will rock these trendiest hairstyles for men as we wait for newer looks to come by as we get into the new year. 

For the fashion-sensitive guys, saved lines are trending. You can have the lines at the front that extend the beard or brow. You may also choose to take your line haircut a step further by incorporating shaved shapes from the clean line or type of fade. Either way, you will rock a stylish haircut that makes a bold statement. You also have an option of spiky hair. Modern spikes feature a lot of texture, and you can choose to wear them professionally or shaggy.

This is a universal trend and rocks for all hair types, from thick to fine manes. Let’s dive in and see some of the classiest mens haircuts we have for you this year.


  •  Shaved Shapes.


One thing you should know about mens haircuts is that they never remain in one place, and every day, barbers are getting more innovative and creative. If you want to utilise your scalp as a canvas, then you should let them have some fun. In most cases, fades give way to statement lines. However, new types of fades are coming up.

One of such examples is a spiked textured crop. Rather than wearing your typical high fade and comb-over on the top, the version incorporates an arc on the side that blends with the fade on the other side.

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  • Line Haircuts.


Line haircuts are some of the biggest trends in mens haircuts. This simple style can be included in any hairstyle in bold or subtle slashes. The shaved design used in this haircut is not new in men’s hairstyles, but including a curve and an additional line, each with a unique fade is something not seen before.

 If you choose to rock a Mohawk with a line, this will not need spicing up. However, it doesn’t do any harm if you choose to add a brow and an arrow slash. And for more conservative gents, opt for subtle neckline hair design. You don’t have to keep the shaved lines too thin. A thick lie over a v-shaved neckline is nice and quite unexpected.


  • Spiky Hair.


After going away for some time, spikes have made a big come-back, and this time they are cool and sophisticated. There are many ways you can achieve this style with messy spikes, subtle texture, or chunky spikes on the diagonal.

To recreate this spiky look, you should use a texturizing product to add both volume and texture. When looking for the best product, look for words like clay, fibre, or mud. Products that mention definitions are also great. Stick to those products with low shine or matte for a stylish look that doesn’t appear greasy.


  • Curly Hair.


Longer haircuts are common for curly and wavy hair. You already have the hair type that everyone is trying to get using products, so why not show it off? That can be possible with blunt crop fades and add a hint of texture or a crop with a front fringe. You may also add some colour or lines if you so wish. 

Men with curly hair don’t have to create a fade, though. This entirely scissor-cut hairstyle creates a fantastic and modern shape but maintains a cool afro. With the right length, you get well-defined curls by using your product. Since your curls can look dry, choose cream formulas that moisturise and hold your hair.


  • Taper Fades.


Taper fades are some of the most popular mens haircuts this year. These haircuts are ridiculously easy to style and to manage. That is why men like them. These haircuts are quite versatile and suit almost all face shapes, thanks to a wide range of variations that exists. Regardless of your hair type, you cannot fail to get your preferred taper fade haircut. From skin fade, medium fade, high fade, low fade, etc., the variations are immense.