NBA Hall of Famer David Robinson spent his entire 14-year career in San Antonio with the Spurs.  He knows what it’s like to win and what it’s like to lose in a small market.  

The Admiral, as he’s nicknamed, isn’t a fan of players forcing their way out of small markets and refusing to build a team.  

The two time NBA Champion threw a little shade at Anthony Davis for his trade request and former Spur Kawhi Leonard, who successfully forced his way out of San Antonio.

Via Bleacher Report

“I always appreciated when a guy was going to kind of hang in there and fight the good fight and build a team,” said Robinson, who spent all 14 years of his career with the Spurs. “And the one thing that for me is a little disappointing is that guys don’t want to take on the challenge of building a team. … We’ve had this run for 25 years, which has been remarkable and amazing. And then you see this thing come in with Kawhi, who wants to go to a bigger market. So it’s unfortunate for a city like [San Antonio]—that wants to be competitive and has built something and really gone through all of this effort for 25 years—to lose it to this trend of players wanting to go to a bigger market.”

Davis and Leonard aren’t the first players to force their way out of small market, and they certainly won’t be the last.  In today’s social media age, it’s all about getting your name and face out there.  

The more recognition, the more shoes you can sell and endorsement opportunities there  are outside of a small market.  Unless you get lucky in the draft and end up assembling a super team out in Golden State.

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