With the 2019 free agency dust settlement, teams are now taking shape ahead of October 2019-2020 NBA league competitions. That has led into a thin stream of player movement. But still leaving the trade market active. Top players have been hitting the headlines on the site trade page among them being:


  • Marvin Williams


This 33year-old veteran power forward has come up in trade rumblings. With Charlotte Hornets as the youth movement head, Marvin Williams’s appearance doesn’t come as a surprise unlike toals, a surprisingly new competitor in the market.

Despite being left with only one season contract, Williams is still serviceable as a role player. He is a fantastic trade candidate who has over the past four campaigns, knocked down a healthy 38.2% of his triples. He can defend multiple positions too. That earns him more bench production.


  • Kevin Love


The 32-year-old veteran all-star appears to be a prime trade candidate this summer. A fact not appreciated by Cleveland cavaliers.  Chris Fedorcavalier’s plain dealer says that they are not looking forward to moving Cleveland’s 2016 championship run final remnants, but would rather retain him for 2019-2020. The Cavs are also set to combine young players and draft picks.

Cavs will not be any time soon ready to trade love unless it changes its mind. Putting aside the 4-months, 120.4 million dollars’ duration left, his injury history alone presents a risk. Therefore, it’s hard for teams to line up carrying a treasure trove of assets Cleveland wants for their best player.


  • Bradley Beal


The two time all and Washington Wizards guard has recently popped in trade rumors that seem to correlate with Miami’s search for Jimmy Butler’s pair. The Wizards are not willing to sell the 26-year-old player, though the Heats have a strong interest. 

The Wizards also don’t plan to engage in any trade talks over their only health star. As such, the team will retain the player after completing his 3-year contract extension. The 26-year-old has only two seasons left on his contract excluding the extension.




Paul is a 34year-old Oklahoma City Thunder player. He is the most bandied about player in trade rumors with his team being set to franchise staple Russel Westbrook for a huge amount of assets. Nonetheless, Paul remains a very worthy floor general for thunders. This team is ready to push for playoffs next season featuring talented pieces like Steven Adams.

Trading Paul will cost the Thunders as he’s a valued asset received in the George and Westbrook trades. Paul would like to decline his 2021-22 player option now that he doesn’t seem moved until trade deadline, report states.




Rumor has it that after Klay Thompson recovery from his knee injury, the Golden State Warriors will move Russel who they bought only a few weeks ago. The Warriors also have no choice than to go for Russel’s deal after losing Kevin Durant to the Brooklyn Nets and with Thompson down. 


Trading players gives the NBA league season a taste. Having looked into trade deals above, one gets a clear picture of how the league shall be which gives gamblers a chance to predict the games once the season kicks off.