With Harden slowly walking toward the 3-point line with a 103-63 lead, he dribbled between his legs, front to back, and then used his left hand behind his back to flip the ball to his right hand while making a side step to his right. 

He then launched and made his ninth 3-pointer of the game.

“This is a legal play,” the NBA said on its Twitter account that provides updates directly from the league office on officiating and rule clarifications. “Although James puts the ball behind his back, he only takes two steps after the gather of the ball and therefore is NOT a travel.”

I’d like to think there’s a reason no one does that move, and that’s because it’s an illegal travel. The NBA will slowly become the Harlem Globetrotters if they don’t crack down on this nonsense. 

A cool play no doubt, but one that should only be reserved for the backyard.