The NBA is one of the most popular leagues in the world that gathers the finest athletes who give their fans thrilling entertainment every night. NBA predictions are gaining more and more passionate supporters, with sports betting markets offering plenty of options, particularly in live betting. 

Leading the list are the Boston Celtics, who have maintained their position at the top of the Eastern Conference since the beginning of the season, holding the best record in the entire league. The reigning champions, the Nuggets, have held onto the second spot for quite some time, while the Milwaukee Bucks remain third despite their slip in the Eastern standings. The surging Clippers are fourth, followed by the Suns, with this season’s remarkable Timberwolves completing the top six. 

In terms of individual awards, Nikola Jokic leads the race for the MVP award, followed by Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Giannis Antetokounmpo. Last year’s winner, Joel Embiid, suffered an injury in the game against the Warriors that required knee surgery ruling him out of the competition for this season’s top player, as each player must participate in at least 65 games to be eligible for the award. For the Defensive Player of the Year title, Rudy Gobert currently leads the pack, with Myles Turner trailing behind. 

What are the Best Basketball Predictions?

For basketball betting, good choices and great opportunities arise in the total points of a match. Whether it concerns the total sum of points of both teams, or each team separately. Another popular choice is wagering on the final winner of a game with combo markets involving the winner of the match and the Under/Over points. For long-term predictions, basketball offers plenty of opportunities, but they require proper study. It is important to know the form of the teams before selecting the tournament winner. 

The most interesting options, though, are those depending on Asian handicaps, because these markets significantly boost the odds. Usually a victory by a favorite team in a game is offered at very low odds. But when combined with a point spread it gains more betting interest. A possible win by more points will have much better odds. Thus, the significance in handicaps is greater, estimating at the same time that the favorite will not relax at the end having first secured the necessary lead. 

Where to find the best Asian Handicaps?

Asian Bookies, mainly found in Asia, stand out for offering better odds and lower profit margins compared to other betting websites. This means that the odds they offer are very competitive, as they reflect the true probabilities of an event.

Asian bookmakers are open to all types of bettors even those who place large stakes and are very good ar predicting outcomes. This openness and the high limits offers help keep the betting system fair and prevents bettors from cheating. It also means there are more options for everyone who wants to place a bet. 

Asian Bookies cover sports and events from all over the world. They offer different types of bets and they specialize in Asian Handicaps and in-play betting, to keep things interesting. They cater to both casual and professional players making sure there is always something for everyone. 

Multiple Bookmakers Access with Asianstorm

Keeping up with NBA betting lines, with up to 15 games a day, is difficult and it is hard to find good value for a bet. The Brokerstorm Asianstorm is a betting platform where bettors can have access to more than 10 Asian bookmakers and betting exchanges in a single account. The platform includes very popular Asian bookmakers, such as SBO Bet, 3et, Pin88 and others, which allows bettors to compare odds and make the most informed bets. 

The platform is designed to be very practical and easy to use. NBA fans can find all sorts of betting markets to choose from and also place accumulate bets. They can pick popular selections, such as Moneyline, Total Points Scored, Over/Under or spice their bets up with Asian Handicaps and Asian Totals. 

By selecting the market of their interest, bettors can view in just one betslip window all the bookmakers offering the market as well as the odds, the limits, the minimum and maximum orders allowed, closing prices, time bet set up, options to keep their bets open during in-play, stake placement and more. This is a very fresh and convenient way of betting for bettors who would like to avoid going from site to site to compare odds. 

With Asianstorm bettors can see their betting activity and keep track of it with plenty of tabs, features and graphics, which allow them to have an organized betting activity history and check easily their profit/loss overview balance.

Users of Asianstorm have also the opportunity to bet against other players on the Exchange section with Back and Lay bets. The Exchange tab is on the same betslip window which is very easy to switch from bookmakers to exchanges. 

The Role of Brokerstorm

Brokerstorm gives bettors the tools they need to make informed decisions and gain as much as possible. Providing access to various sportsbooks and betting exchanges, Brokerstorm is a bridge that allows users to place their bets and navigate through different platforms with a single account. Upon setting up the account, Brokerstorm acts as a broker for every user, managing their accounts, deposits and withdrawals, and providing daily customer support. With flexible payment methods and easy registration process, Brokerstorm addresses to players from all around the globe regardless their experience. 

In Short

The NBA season is very exciting for fans from every corner of the world. With platforms like Asianstorm and brokerage services like Brokerstorm, fans can engage in the games with a wide range of betting options to choose from and all the tools they need, whether they are beginners or professionals, to participate in the action.