What's not to like?

Last year Taylor Rooks left her sports anchor position at SportNet New York, a regional sports network based in New York City for greener pastures with Turner Sports and Bleacher Report.

Her profile has been on the rise ever since. 

And it's even caught the attention of many of the people she covers. 

Specifically Kevin Durant. 

She and KD have been playing footsie for a bit now. 

Durant was busy sending out the good vibes her way this past weekend too. 

Taylor showed up to the Maxim party over Superbowl weekend, looking like straight fire. 

Of course Durant noticed. 

Check out the screenshot below: 

V9BXbxNX (1)

That picture deserves more than a like, if there's such a thing. 

Check out more of Taylor below: 

As you can see, she's easily likable. 

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