We see you Cupcake

The Warriors are hosting the Rockets on Thursday night for a big regular season Western Conference match-up.  Naturally Kevin Durant was preparing for the game on Instagram.

If KD's likes are endorsements, and they definitely are, he's a fan of Kristine Leahy in skintight jeans.  

KD liking Kristine Leahy's pic

We're not disagreeing with him, we're fans too.  We just find it interesting that he has nothing else to do to get ready for the game.

Maybe KD was just going to check the DMs real quick to see if he had some plans after the game and happened upon Leahy's post.  

Or maybe he's a fan of her IG game and makes a habit of checking it out.  Which isn't all that bad of an idea.  

Here's a closer look at her IG game:

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