A chip off the old block

Bronny, scored 27 points in his first game for Santa Monica Crossroads' eighth-grade basketball team in a win over Culver City Middle School on Monday.

Watch his highlights below:  

 Bronny also got his first official dunk for Crossroads. 

Bronny drew his first ovation from dad early in the game with an assist.  

Bronny also is wearing his Dad's number, which LeBron is pretty happy about. 

"It's like a really good feeling," James said. "His first game was [Monday], and he had a hell of a game, and both of them play [Tuesday], so I'm going to catch both of their games, but it's just a proud family going on in our household, and I'm a proud dad."

Crossroads officials have been protective about Bronny from the moment his father decided to enroll his son at the school after he signed with the Lakers. 

Athletic director Ira Smith did not advertise the game over social media and turned away some media that wanted to cover it. He said the school plans to discourage use of video and use of social media at home games.

“The goal for everyone is let him be a 14-year-old eighth-grader,” Smith said. 

When Crossroads plays in road games, however, Smith understands there will be few options on limiting media interest, and you can expect the cameras to be out en force, especially to capture someone who can dunk. 

“I told him my job is to protect the madness for as long as I can,” Smith said of his message to Bronny’s father. 

There is no doubt the madness is coming.  Crossroads already has the son of Shaquille O’Neal on varsity.

If there’s an O’Neal and a James on the same court . . . The question is how long Crossroads can maintain a level of normalcy for a middle school boy with big basketball aspirations. 

The future of hoops looks bright, and very familiar. 

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