2019 is going to be another action-packed year for sports lovers across the globe. The new season of the Premier League is all set to begin in August. Also, the ICC Cricket World Cup is scheduled to be played in England. The tournament will commence on May 30 and will end on July 14. And then, there’s a Rugby World Cup coming up in September The showpiece event is played in Japan and will involve 20 of the best rugby teams from around the world. New Zealand are the favourites to win their 3rd consecutive world championship title.

Likewise, NBA fans also have a lot to look forward to this year. The NBA 2018-2019 season is in full swing. A total of 82 games are scheduled to be played.  

The playoffs

The fight for a place in the playoffs is intensifying with each passing game. The Milwaukee Hawks have consolidated their spot at the top of the table and the Toronto Raptors are following them closely in the Eastern Conference.

As far as the Western Conference is concerned, the Golden State Warriors have somehow managed to hang onto the top spot. The Denver Nuggets have been breathing down their neck for quite some time now. Other teams are catching up as well and it is expected to be a battle of epic proportions. The Bucks have been riding high on popularity and are expected to win the silverware this time around.

The game in London’s O2 Arena

Talking of popularity, the game of basketball has gathered quite a lot of momentum outside the United States of America. Non-American fans have also started following the sport closely.

Earlier this year, the NBA fans in London had the privilege of watching one of the finest games in the history of the sport.  The game was played in London (O2 Arena) on Jan 17, 2019.

The Washington Wizards registered an unlikely victory against the New York Knicks. The Wizards were 16 points down, but came back strongly to beat the Knicks 101-100.

The score stood at 99-100 in favour of the Knicks with less than a second to go.  The Knicks got penalized for stopping Thomas Bryant’s lay-up illegally. Consequently, a 2-point penalty gave the Wizards a memorable victory. It was an action-packed contest.

This time around, it is going to be no different. The clash between _____ and ____  is expected to be a rollicking contest as well.

Hospitality matters

The NBA game in London Game 2020 happens to be  a golden opportunity for NBA fans in the UK to enjoy some high-voltage basketballing action. This year, we’d  get to see the _____ playing against the ____ in a battle to regain lost supremacy at the ____.

The game of basketball has garnered a lot of fans in the UK since 2011. London has been hosting the regular season game of the NBA since 2011. It has been popular with the fans as well as the celebrities.

It’s a great way to kick-off the New Year. NBA in London has become quite a rage these days.

It’s your chance to watch the one-off game in London. You can choose from a wide range of budget-friendly packages. Here’s your chance to watch your favourite basketball stars in action.  

As the city of London gears up for this epic clash, make sure that you don’t miss out on all the action. Book your tickets now. There’s a host of exclusive hospitality packages for you to choose from.

Salient features of the package

  • ____ vs. _____
  • ______ (date, time, venue)
  • Amazing view
  • 10th regular-season NBA game to be played in London
  • Excellent catering
  • In-seat service
  • Comfortable seats