That’s one way to celebrate. 

Nebraska Cornhuskers men’s basketball coach Tim Miles was so excited that his team won, he was tripping. 

His team defeated Rutgers to open the Big Ten Tournament.

Miles was jogging off the floor at the United Center in Chicago, when he accidentally tripped and fell near the tunnel. 

Watch below:

“I’m fine,” Miles told reporters after the fall. 

“You know, I’ve just — the wires they jumped up and got me. I thought I was a better athlete than that. But I’m old, I’m old…I think it got caught on TV according to everybody that’s rubbing it in on me. So, yeah. I would say that’s a lot of exhilaration, but, yeah, just enough clumsiness to keep things interesting.”

He’s not exactly the smoothest looking guy, am I’m pretty sure that’s not the first time he’s tripped over a wire, but hey, he still walked away with a win. 

That’s most important. 

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