The initial story from the fight after the LSU and Texas A&M game was that Cole Fisher and Kevin Faulk traded punches after Cole punched LSU assistant coach Steve Kragthorpe in the pacemaker.

The story seemed to be incomplete at the time and now new angles of the fight have revealed what actually happened.  It turns out what actually went down doesn’t exactly match Kragthrope’s recollection of the event.

In the first video below you can see Kragthorpe approach Cole, who had his back turned, and he appears to have said something to Cole.  You see Cole turn around and push Kragthorpe away.  

In the next video below you can see a different angle of Cole and Faulk getting into it and there’s something else that wasn’t initially reported.  Cole Fisher has a pretty good chin, because he eats a sucker punch from LSU safety John Battle as he’s exchanging with Faulk.

You can’t help but respect Cole Fisher after seeing the new video angles.  Not only is he not a scumbag who goes around punching people with Parkinson’s in their pacemakers.  But he eats a sucker punch from an elite college athlete, while exchanging with someone else and doesn’t even come close to dropping.