Aaron Hernandez’s fiancee reveals in a new book that she accepts the former New England Patriot may have been secretly gay, but that he took the truth about his sexuality to the grave when he killed himself in prison last year.

“There has been much speculation about Aaron’s sexuality since his death. I can say this: Aaron was very much a man to me. I saw no indication that he was gay or homosexual,” Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez wrote in the foreword to “Unnecessary Roughness.”

Baez writes in his book Unnecessary Roughness that prosecutors in the former football player’s double murder trial were planning to question his fiancee, Shayanna Jenkins, about his affairs, one with a woman and one with another man.

Baez says when he informed Hernandez of the prosecution tactic and he broke down.

“But Jose, she’ll be devastated. I never meant to hurt her. I know I keep disappointing her. But she is my soul,” Hernandez told Baez. “She is all I have and will ever have.”

Days after he was acquitted in the trial he was outed on The Kirk & Callahan Show, as he was referred to a “tight end on and off the field” and a “wide receiver.”

Two days later, Hernandez took his own life. You can get your hands on the book right here.