Although Cristiano Ronaldo is currently the best player Juventus has to offer, he is still 35 years old and has a contract of 31 million euros, which will soon need to be extended. There is actually a chance for him to play for Real Madrid for at least one more season, and this can easily turn true. But is there a chance to profit from this information? Well, there is. Betting on football transfers was always possible on trusted betting sites. However, it is also always good to read online betting sites reviews and see what is in their offer. Head over to and check reviews of the most trusted betting sites out there. 

Ronaldo Back in Madrid?

Just a few months ago, it seemed unreal that we could ever see Cristiano Ronaldo in a Real Madrid jersey again. However, one of the most famous Spanish sports magazines Marca claims that this could indeed happen. They claim that Cristiano Ronaldo wants to return to the club he left in the summer of 2018 and with which he had a very cold relationship for a long time.

Immediately after Real’s departure, Cristiano severed almost all contacts with the club and former teammates, and he especially angered them when he showed at the Golden Ball award 2018, which was won by his former teammate Luka Modrić.

However, the fact that Cristiano has been in frequent contact with Real Madrid players and their president Florentino Perez lately testifies to the fact that there is something in that story about Ronaldo’s return. In March this year, he personally asked the president to secure him a place in the box at El Clasico, after which he celebrated Real’s victory over Barcelona on social media.

Meeting Modric at UEFA Nations League

The big news was the meeting of Cristiano Ronaldo with Luka Modrić a few days ago at the UEFA Nations League match. After Ronaldo’s departure, Modrić somehow took the role of the best player, and with Sergio Ramos, he is one of the leaders in the club. So, it is not bad for Cristiano to improve his relations with him a bit, if he is really paving the way for Real.

Possible Transfers

This 35 years old player currently has a contract worth 31 million euros with Juventus. Therefore, they probably wouldn’t mind if he decides to go somewhere else. However, there is one major problem here.

Marca claims that Real has no intention of returning Ronaldo, not because it would be too expensive for them, but because the club is simply no longer interested in his return. But which club would want Ronaldo in their squad? Although nothing is confirmed yet, Ronaldo will probably go somewhere next season. The only question is, where will he go? Manchester United and PSG are also interested and it will be up to him in the end. Will he go back to finish his career as a Red Devil or will he go to conquer France as he did in all previous leagues he played in. No one knows, only time will tell.