The gambling industry has gone through lots of changes over the last decade, from moving online to now welcoming virtual reality through mobile devices. Through all these, bettors all over the world have welcome changes spiritedly, and it is clear more is yet to come.  

One of the subtle changes that have affected the way people gamble is increased payment options. Regardless of where you are in the world, you can bet at some of the best-known casinos for money or fun. This was not the case about 12 years ago, and so it is worth celebrating among other technologies in the industry. 

Speaking of online gambling, one would think it would be easy getting one trusted low deposit online casino to play at now with all the options available.  Interestingly, this is not always the case as there are several things to consider when selecting the best, besides knowing whether it is new or has been around for a while. There is the game portfolio to consider, minimum deposits, payout rates, security, and other things that any newbie player needs to know. Luckily, there are sites out here going the length to ensure players know what to expect out of an existing site. Going through an unbiased review from such a site will give you the basics you need to navigate the online betting world, one casino at a time. 

A Brief Look into the Gambling Industry

Change is said to be the only constant, and the casino industry has shown this in detail. Here’s a brief glimpse into the journey to modern gaming.

1790s: The first documented account of a bookmaker earning a profit from gambling. His name was Harry Ogden. 

1845: Restrictions were put on the now growing bookkeeping market, limiting all activity to the racetrack. Bookmakers opened shops to capitalize on their knowledge and growing interest in gambling. 

1961: Numbers were picking up so quickly that over 10,000 shops were opened in just six months.

1986: Fruit machines – today’s slots – became a hit when these shops were allowed to serve drinks. Most gamblers started spending most of their time here. 

1998: Established casinos started looking to the internet to entice players. Online gaming made its first experiments. 

2012: Revenue from gambling went up 80% to $4 billion from smaller numbers in 2008. 

2015: The industry was estimated to be worth $41.4bn towards the end of this year. 

Now, let’s look at some of the technologies that are taking the gambling landscape by storm. 

Mobile Gaming – Mobile  Devices and Apps

When casinos went online with sites so their players could access games through desktops, gambling rates went up really fast. Most jurisdictions put together restrictions that have since guided the industry. Now, mobile gaming was made a reality not too long ago through the adoption of HTML. Thanks to this technology, gamers can now access just about any casino game through their mobile phones, iPads, and tablets. 

That wasn’t enough because developers took it a notch higher by coming up with mobile apps that take no much space on devices but do allow players to indulge without downloading a single game. With the right internet connection, you can play to your heart’s content, whether during commutes or at home, and this means for both fun and money. While working with these technologies, developers and casinos ensure that games are reduced to sizes that will not overwhelm said devices, and this is done without compromising game quality. 

Payment Technologies – Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

When casinos went online, only a handful of payment options were available to players. This locked out people from parts of the world where these options were either too expensive or unavailable. There was also the case of most casinos only having the USD and Pound as their only allowed currencies. Interac payment is gaining great popularity among online casino fans. We recommend that you read a review of the best Interac casino Canada to be sure of the reliability and safety of your favorite online casino. A few changes have happened since, including the insurgence of online payment options that require little to no disclosure of personal information. 

Best of all – and what seems to be a game-changer – is the entrance of cryptocurrency in this picture. Casinos have welcomed the use of such options as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital coins to make payments, something that most people now find efficient and acceptable due to its security assurance. There is talk of the blockchain technology doing more than just payments in the future for casinos, but in the meantime, players can rest assured of security for their winnings when gambling.  

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality – VR – has changed the way gamers interact with their favorite games completely. It is mind-blowing when objects come into view in such a real way that most gamers experiencing this for the first time know they will never view gambling the same.

Augmented reality (AR) does something similar where objects seem more real than they are through videos. It stimulates one’s sensory and visual elements of a player to make them super immersed in the game and their surroundings. These two technologies have changed the scene them most, and developers know things can only get better. 

Live Dealing 

Some games – table games – are best experienced in an adrenaline-charged room, and this does not happen often when you play alone. Gaming technology has advanced to allow players to get the feel of an offline casino through live sessions held from live studios miles away. Developers are putting together seamless technologies to allow a live dealer to entertain players from a studio in, say, London, while the gambler is in the serene Philippines. All you need is stable internet connectivity, mobile device, and gaming skills. 

The process is quite smooth since using artificial intelligence, the dealer calls all players to action and does what they would have if these players were seated at a table at a land-based outlet in any gambling part of the world. This was only a dream a few years ago.  

So Much to Experience

These changes may seem much, but they are only a few of the many ways entertainment has changed in gaming. These advancements have not only made it easy for people all over the world to participate in gaming but also amplified fun levels by many notches. Worth noting is that more people are getting into gambling now that it is more accessible, but casinos are working hard to detect addiction.