The Staten Island Yankees will give mini garbage cans to the first 500 fans to show up to a game at Richmond County Bank Ballpark on Sept. 3.

The move was a direct jab at Houston, who suffered severe punishment via Major League Baseball on Monday for illegally using electronics to steal signs during the 2017 season.

The Astros used a live video feed to decipher catcher signals before relaying them to hitters.

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They placed a TV monitor near their dugout, and when players decoded the signs, they would bang on a trash can, hence the promotion — , nearby to signal to hitters what was coming.

For example, one bang might mean a breaking ball, two might mean a fastball.

Quick Facts About New York Yankees

The reason for this popularity is that the New York Yankees players were all well known in the baseball world. Every member of the team had a place on either the Yankees bench or in the starting lineup. 

Take a look at the quick facts about the New York Yankees:

  • When the New York Yankees was formed in the early nineteen hundreds, they quickly became one of the most popular teams in baseball.
  • Yogi Berra is the all-time greatest catcher in New York Yankee history after only making his debut in 1946. Berra played seventeen years for the Yankees, more than any other player ever in the history of baseball. Berra made seven World Series appearances for the Yankees and won ten championships. 
  • Yogi Berra is often referred to as being the heart and soul of the New York Yankees. If you have a question about why the Yankees are so popular, then the answer is simple, New Yorker grew up watching Yogi.


Quick Facts About The Houston Astros

The Houston Astros are a Major League professional baseball team originally based in Houston, Texas, as part of the National League Central division. 

Here are the quick facts about Houston Astros:

  • The Astros originally played in the old Centennial League (now known as the Texas League) before moving to the newly created American Association in 1969. 
  • The A’s won three straight pennants and two World Series titles between 1970 and 1972 before being swept by the rival Yankees in the 1972 ALCS.
  • The franchise moved to Houston in 1973 and has continued to excel in both the National League and Major League Baseball. 
  • Since moving to Houston, the Astros have won six straight division titles and seven of the past eight major league playoff series. The club was eliminated in the American League Championship Series in 2020 but came back the next season to win the championship.
  • The history of the Houston Astros is full of famous players. Former Houston second baseman Larry Doby and outfielder Billy Martin are two of baseball’s all-time great second basemen. They were teammates with the Astros for six seasons before the two players moved on to other teams. Both players are considered one of the best defensive second basemen in Major League history.

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