In a strange stance on her son’s rape, Nadine Santos, the mother of Brazilian football superstar Neymar, has asked her son to forgive the woman who brought the rape allegations against the soccer superstar. 

Santos took to social media today to share a touching post addressed to her world-renowned son, where she asked him to forgive “that girl” who in her opinion “doesn’t represent” all women.

“My Son, at this moment when everything is finally being clarified and the truth of God is coming up it is time to learn from all this and return to Jesus Christ, his first love.” Santos wrote.

“He is the only one who really knows your heart, trust him.”

“As a Christian who you are, FORGIVE THAT GIRL! Me and your sister, as women, can assure you that SHE DOES NOT REPRESENT US,” she added.

The Brazilian soccer superstar has vehemently denied the allegations, insisting that he is the victim of a blackmail attempt.

“Anyone who knows me, knows of my behavior, knows that I would never do something like that,” the player said in a seven-minute video posted on his Instagram.

“There was a relationship between a man and a woman between four walls. The next day nothing happened.”

Mother always knows best. 

Forgive the woman who is making your life a living hell.  

Or maybe just wait to see what happens before you send a forgiveness card…

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