All the legal sports betting changes over the past few years on the USA territory probably got many bettors out there confused. One of the most popular and biggest sports betting markets is the NFL. As one of the top popular sports in the US, football is also the most betted on sports betting market. And still, there are some confusing parts of wagering on this professional American football league. If you are an NFL fan and you would like to know more about the rules and limitations in your area, stay tuned to learn all about it!

Where in the US can you legally bet on the NFL online?

Not only that many states just managed to legalize sportsbooks, but a dozen of them even managed to pass the bill on online sports wagering. So, if you are an NFL enthusiast and you love wagering online, you will probably love to hear that more and more states in the US are managing to legalize it. Among those states are: 

  • New Jersey
  • West Virginia
  • Nevada
  • Pennsylvania
  • Colorado
  • Iowa, and more.

New Jersey

One of the first states to legalize sportsbooks is New Jersey, and it is not coincidental that it is one of the top NFL betting markets. Both retail and online wagering markets are thriving in NJ. Moreover, New York, where online betting is still considered illegal, is the neighboring state, so many NY residents regularly visit the Garden State to bet online – especially if they can find a great no deposit mobile casino bonus. The NFL betting in NJ has even made the local college football booming. Many students with great athletic results from high school choose this state as a place where they will go to college – and potentially pursue their future in football. 


When we think about gambling in the US we often think about Nevada. Even though this state prefers retail casinos and sportsbooks, they are still one of the greatest NFL markets in the USA. NFL bettors from Nevada who love playing on the go have the opportunity to choose one out of many mobile betting apps available. However, they will be obliged to visit a land-based casino in order to register as a user. Nevada holds more than half of all the mobile wagering accounts from all around the USA.

West Virginia

West Virginia’s decision to make the NFL and overall betting legal resulted in the booming of online and retail sportsbooks. Some of the top-rated sportsbook brands decided to launch in WV. Two of the most popular betting markets in this state are West Virginia University but also the NFL. Make sure to learn all about NFL wagering and analyze how to claim no deposit casino bonuses which can bring you many gambling perks. 


As one of the top metropolitan cities where online sports betting is legalized, Chicago in Illinois is a great NFL betting market. More and more customers register as online bettors every day, especially now when having any physical contact is not so recommended. Illinois, too, has a great variety of sportsbook apps to offer to its residents. 


With the start of the NFL season, sports betting is becoming more and more popular in Colorado. Even though the betting became legal in CO in 2019 and this market became active a couple of months into 2020, this state achieved incredible results popularity-wise by late summer. There are a variety of sportsbooks offering NFL wagering all across Colorado already. 


Another state where online sportsbooks have been legalized, and as such it has a promising future when it comes to sports betting. It is one of the biggest states where sportsbook apps are legal. Currently, there are a few mobile sportsbook options available to all the Pennsylvania residents willing to bet on the NFL. But there are more apps ready to be launched any time now. 


Almost a year ago, the state of Iowa decided to dive into the world of legal sports betting. This is one of the markets where retail sportsbooks and apps as well started to appear almost in the same period of time. Just like in Nevada, this state allows wagers to bet on the NFL but they need to sign up at a retail casino. 

Be Responsible and Bet Legally on the NFL

In case you are not a resident of one of the mentioned states, and your residing state still hasn’t managed to pass the sports betting bill – remember to stay safe. NFL season is in progress and you can always bet on your favorite team by visiting some of the mentioned states where online or retail sports betting is considered legal. Visiting and installing illegal offshore apps can be fun, but it is also highly unsafe.