The NFL appears ready to make a change for Thursday Night Football. According to Fox Sports’ Bill Wanger, teams will no longer wear the much-hated “color rush” uniforms on Thursday Night Football this season.

The color rush uniforms made their official debut in 2015. A Thursday night match-up between the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills featured green and red uniforms respectively, an unfortunate combination. Not only did people complain about the match-ups on Thursday night, now they were annoyed about the colors. 

Like usual, fans had more to say about the jerseys being removed from TNF.

As long as there’s gambling and fantasy football, Thursday Night games are here to stay. The NFL is a business, and a multi billion dollar one, so there goal is always to make more money. If they can broadcast any more games they would. I’m all for more nights to watch football, but at least keep the jersey colors manageable.