The National Football League, or NFL is the sacred 100 year-old American football league that has become a million dollar industry. Taking place in the iconic super bowl, the sixty minute long game has the power to unite or divide the country based on the outcome. A series of complex rules, positions and rituals all contribute to the place this sport has in the hearts of so many americans. 

This is a guide for betters wanting to make educated deposits based on odds and overall team success rate. It may also act as a tips sheet for beginners wanting to learn more about the NFL, American football leagues in general and the role it plays in the average American household. If you’re new to the NFL it can be intimidating to even know where to start to research and learn; let this be a starting point for your learning which you can base betting odds, more research and support on. 

Surely with the power the current season plays, you’d want to make sure your money is taken care of. NFL picks are not only informative, but accurate in their predictions for past and future. Timing is essential. Which is why we’ve made a cheat sheet for you to make an informed decision about your odds, preferences and overall team outcome. 


First off with the highest consistent ranking on chances to win the super bowl are the Los Angeles rams who are also ranking first in overall point difference over the past week. The Rams have won the NFL championships twice and could be worth watching. They play well as a team and are currently on top of the leadership board. The Rams are sure to be the team to watch and root for. 


Ranking at the second highest place on the leaderboard is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Of course, against the Rams they stumbled but stay tuned for their game against the Patriots on the fourth. Their track record is exceptional and the odds are looking in their favor! 


They might not be the highest ranking team in the NFL right now, but the Kansas City Chiefs have a consistent record and reasonable odds in their favor. Yes, we know they haven’t been playing the best this season, but in terms of their history the Chiefs are reliable and against smaller teams they gradually make their way up the board. The Chiefs are certainly worth a watch because they make for gripping entertainment. 


Next is the Buffalo Bills who smashed their last game against the Washington Football Team at 43-21. Their average playoff is good, not to mention that chances of them winning the super bowl are 11%. Definitely worth watching their game against the Texans on the third. The Bills are absolutely worth a bet because of their odds. Not to mention the impressive comradery shown amongst players which might be why they have been so consistent this season. 

In terms of sporting entertainment you will not be bored this fall. The NFL is proving to be a real nail-biter and if you’re looking to cash in, it would be wise to look for consistency, reliability and how strong each member is alone compared to how they play as a team. It’s just as important to enjoy the game for what it is; American Football. A traditional sport which should bring us together as it has done in the past, and is sure to do the same in the future. This fall, try spending time with your loved ones by watching the game.