Haven’t the Coronavirus outbreak made our lives boring, dull and miserable? 

From shutting out all the places and things we love to lock us inside the home for an indefinite time, this pandemic is indeed taking a toll on our lives.  Being restricted at home can be frustrating, but all hail to the digital technologies for adding a little splash of entertainment to these dark times that we are facing.

By letting us watch our favorite movies and shows and allowing us to relive the most epic sports wins of all time, the internet and TV are nothing less than a knight in shining armor for us all… especially the NFL fans!

Love NFL? Read this delightful news!

While there are so many sports in the world that give us fantasy games, nothing can beat the NFL in the eyes of its fans as it’s a complete treat for the eyes and mind. 

Apart from being a quintessential American football league, the NFL is an efficiently-run league with some great athletic players such as Bettman, Goodell, Stern, Selig and many more who put up a spectacular game! 

NFL has a piece of great news for all the bored football lovers who are stuck in Coronavirus self-quarantine with an unsated thirst for entertainment and zestful sports action. 

You can now binge-watch all your favorite game moments from the past for free via the NFL Game Pass to kick-away the Coronavirus anxiety and lighten-up your mood. 

Want to know how? Read on.

The NFL Game Pass

The NFL Game Pass is a $99/year subscription that allows NFL lovers to enjoy their favorite game action via audio and video so that they don’t miss even a second of any live sports action or watch it again if they feel like. 

The NFL Game Pass is Now FREE!

3 Dec 15, 2019; Santa Clara, CA, USA; Atlanta Falcons linebacker Foye Oluokun (54) celebrates after defeating the San Francisco 49ers at Levi’s Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Coronavirus disease has brought about a massive economic and healthcare crisis across the world. It has not just locked down everyone, but also a dent in pockets. 

An NFL Game Pass subscription is a sports lover’s match-made-in-heaven as it allows you to watch live and recorded National Football League action through the internet with ease… and now for free!

Starting from the 18th of March, all home-sick NFL fans in the US and across the globe can sign up for the NFL Game Pass and enjoy the complete 2019 NFL season and an exhaustive NFL ON-Demand video library absolutely without charge!

From March 18th, all NFL jocks in or outside the US and Canada can satisfy the athlete within for free until May 31st and July 31st respectively to survive the Coronavirus surge without breaking-down.  

Just grab your favorite digital device and pair it with an equally good connection such as the super-smooth Frontier Internet and stream NFL sports action to your heart’s content, going back all the way to  2009.

The NFL Game Pass is a fun-packed digital product that can be accessed via several platforms and internet-enabled devices easily in just a few minutes.  It comes with a huge library of football programming for its fans to relive breath-taking broadcasts of replays from preseason, regular-season and playoff games in HD without any commercials or disturbance. 

Whether you want to relish Tom Brady’s epic Super Bowl victories with the New England Patriots or Odell Beckham Jr.’s incredible one-handed catch in 2014, you can now watch all this and much more on the NFL Game Pass by simply signing up on the NFL app or web, but that’s not all!

The NFL Game Pass combines the power-packed internet and TV entertainment into one handy digital product that you can carry anywhere and get a non-stop dose of your favorite sports action to forget about the quarantine.

Now you can laze around the house, swing on the porch or even cook while watching larger-than-life NFL gameplays from the past and feel the same adrenaline rush that you felt the first time.

The NFL Game Pass isn’t just about sports action but much more! Apart from binge-watching on its extensive sports library, you can also stream previous seasons of topnotch NFL Films series such as A Football Life and Hard Knocks and a handful of other NFL’s star-studded Game Pass Film sessions to satisfy the movie buff in you. 

The NFL Game Pass has a plethora of high-quality sports entertainment that will keep you glued to the screen for hours.  Your eyes might get tired but the NFL Game Pass won’t run out of options to offer you one classic sporty treat after another till you decide to take a nap. 

Dec 15, 2019; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Buffalo Bills safety Jordan Poyer (21) is congratulated by Micah Hyde (23) and Matt Milano (58) after an interception against the Pittsburgh Steelers during the fourth quarter at Heinz Field. Mandatory Credit: Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

Get Ready for the NFL Binge-a-thon!

Here is a list of some epic NFL entertainment you can watch via the NFL Game Pass without paying a single penny:

  • A non-stop full broadcast replays of games in HD 
  • Full of energy playoffs and preseason
  • Past Super Bowl matchups up till 11 seasons
  • Interesting angle footage of All-22 and High Endzone with Coaches Film
  • Compressed yet fun-packed 40 minutes long game replays if you want to see more in less time
  • Brian Baldinger and Ron Jaworski talking about fascinating game-winning plays and strategies in the film room
  • NFL RedZone 2019 especially for international fans
  • Old seasons of NFL Originals 

much more!

Whether you have a smart TV, smartphone or tablet, as far as it’s connected to the internet, you can watch next-level extensive game encores any time and every day of the quarantine with the NFL Game Pass.

Self-quarantine is tougher than it seems and Coronavirus depression is real. Watching the news channels or using social media excessively can take a toll on your mental health and make things worse.

Watching sports does not only distract you but also amps-up your emotional, physical and mental health to a great extent. 

Free access to NFL Game Pass will not only be easy on your pocket amid this economic crisis, but will lift your spirits and help keep loneliness at bay.