Stan Lee’s missing dog was found by NFL legend Jim Brown on Friday, March 16, according to TMZ.  

The outlet reported that following the disappearance of the 95-year-old Avengers creator’s mini Pomeranian, Charlotte, last week, the pup was found safe in the yard of Brown about a mile from Lee’s home. It’s not clear how the toy-sized dog got loose.

Though “Lost Dog” flyers were posted throughout Lee’s Hollywood Hills neighborhood by his business partner, Keya Morgan, they had not yet caught the eye of the 82-year-old retired football player and his wife, Monique

The couple spotted the dog collarless and quickly stepped into action. Since they were unable to identify the canine, they were left to send emails to neighbors, however, no one knew who the furry friend belonged to. 

While canvassing the neighborhood, they spotted the missing posters and were able to get in touch with Lee to reunite him with his beloved pup. 

What a small world when you’re super famous and live in the Hollywood Hills. Check out a young Jim Brown below, he was a bad man.