The upstart American Flag Football League has agreed to a deal with the NFL Network which includes 11 games that will be broadcast by the NFL Network from June 29th to July 19th.  

According to the report, the top amateur flag football teams that advance through the single elimination tournament will then go up against four teams of former professional athletes, including guys like Michael Vick, Chad Johnson, Nate Robinson and Carlos Boozer. More former pros are expected to be announced at a later date.

On July 19th, the top amateur team and the top pro team will go head-to-head for the $1 million grand prize. Applications for amateur teams can be submitted up until March 8th.

The games, consisting of two 30-minute halves, will be played 7-on-7 on a regulation-size, 100-yard field. The clock will continue to run except for the final two minutes of the second half.

Other game rules include:

  • Field divided into four 25-yard boxes, and first downs are awarded each time the offense reaches the next box
  • No blocking, kicking, or fumbles
  • Only one lateral allowed per play
  • Once the ball is snapped, the defense has to wait two seconds to rush, and the quarterback will have a total of four seconds to release the ball or cross the line of scrimmage
  • The quarterback cannot run unless rushed
  • The defense can blitz five times per half without waiting two seconds
  • All players are eligible downfield, except for the center
  • North/south handoffs not allowed but pitches and handoffs to east/west runners permitted
  • 6 pts per TD under 50 yards, 7pts for TDs over 50 yards
  • Teams will have option based on distance to convert PATs of 1, 2 or 3 points

I’m all in for this new league. I don’t think it will replace the NFL quite yet. Don’t be surprised if this is the NFL in 50 years. Only a matter of time before tackling becomes outlawed.