The National Football League is among the most prevalent mainstream sports leagues in the US. Moreover, it’s influence has spread throughout that it’s continuing to draw fans from across the globe.  It’s not only the most viewed sport, but its events are among the best sports leagues to bet on.  Many bettors, both new and old, anticipate the games every year to bring home huge cash prizes.

Football betting is indeed a big deal, especially for hardcore bettors. Many bettors even consider NFL expert picks against spread to earn higher winnings. The beginning of every season is anticipated by many- from fans to experts, to the athletes themselves. But before we dig deeper into winning 2020 NFL tips, let’s first know more of the teams to watch out for in 2020. 

Denver Broncos

The defense of the Denver Broncos will surely be dangerous with the help of the most potent pass rusher of the team, Von Miller. His protégé, Bradley Chubb, is also very effective in his plays. Moreover, they had traded for A.J. Bouye to replace Chris Harris as their top cornerback.  

What made the Broncos a crowd favorite is John Albert Elway Jr’s spectacular offensive act. This athlete loaded up the Denvers with a few more weapons against the other teams in the league. Moreover, K.J. Hamler and Jerry Jeudy led tons of explosive plays in the passing game. Melvin Gordon, a veteran running back, also gave the Broncos a one to two punch behind the lock.

Dallas Cowboys

Things are only getting better and better for the Dallas Cowboys. With Jerry Jones’ surprising move during the 2020 NFL Draft, he made CeeDee Lamb fall into the team’s laps. Lamb is regarded as one of the biggest stunners in the NFL Draft. 

Not only that, the Cowboys’ player selection blew the crowd away. It just set them up for a very entertaining NFL season. Blake Jarwin, Michael Gallup, Amari Cooper, & Ezekiel Elliott are also some of Dallas’ most notable offensive weapons in the NFL.   

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Are you one of the fans who can’t wait to watch the Bucs play this season?  It’s not just you- the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are also eager to win this year’s Super Bowl.  

There’s no doubt that the player who’s the center of the team is Tom Brady. He is also considered the greatest quarterback of all time. After playing with the New England Patriots for the past two decades, he left, winning six Super Bowl titles while he was in the team. His position and influence are pushing his current team to a bigger offense. 

The Bucs’ defensive side was also made stronger by Todd Bowles, who’s training hard to improve the team and himself. It’s as expected that the team could be up to winning more games.  

Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals’ success is mainly attributed to its star players. For one, Isaiah Simmons came off as one of the star players of this year’s NFL. He’s part of the team’s improved defensive effort.

Alongside Isaiah Simmons is Kyler Murray, who showed exemplary electric plays last year. Because of his performance, he won the Offensive Rookie of the Year Award. With his superb performance as a quarterback, Murray has every reason to deserve the title.

Top 2020 NFL Tips 

Despite the challenges this year brought, the NFL League is making the games possible for both fans and athletes. Hence, it’s time for you to be sure of your picks in the NFL. 

Below are just some of the 2020 NFL tips you should consider. 

  • Start with joining a money line bet. This is by far the most straightforward & simplest type of bet in the NFL. Bettors are only required to predict the outright winner of the games. 
  • Betting on the totals is another wagering game a bettor can partake in this season. It’s a bit complicated compared to money line bets. All a bettor has to do is make a single wager on whether the points, combined goal or run total of a game is over or under what the oddsmakers set before the game started.
  • Level the playing field by considering NFL picks against the spread. This is one the most exciting wagers a bettor can make in the NFL. This betting game requires bettors to bet on the underdogs, which will result in a huge payout if they’re right.


This year’s NFL is surely going to be a season filled with thrill & excitement. Don’t miss out on the games and support your favorite team and players by watching their games. Moreover, win on the betting games by following these picks and tips. Not only will you enjoy the games, but you’ll also be able to earn money.