Former All-Pro safety Dashon Goldson was involved in a deal to help buy the OG strip club in Las Vegas, but it did not end well. Which sounds about right. NFL players have so much money, and they need somewhere to invest. Not sure why he believed this would be the ultimate investment, but someone’s making money off these establishments. 

Via the Las Vegas Business Journal

In this particular forum — the Eighth Judicial District Court in Las Vegas — Judge Susan Johnson entered a default judgment Tuesday against Goldson and two others previously for nearly $2 million as part of a deal gone bad related to the purchase of a well-known Las Vegas Boulevard strip club not too far from the Stratosphere in the city of Las Vegas.

It’s money, a lawsuit claimed, that is owed to the former owner of the closed Olympic Garden strip club. The OG Gentlemen’s Club at 1531 Las Vegas Blvd. was one of Las Vegas’ most colorful strip clubs and known for having both female and male strippers before it shuttered in October 2016.

Today’s default judgment against Goldson in a downtown Las Vegas courtroom is the most recent chapter in a sorry financial investment case that involved yet another professional sports athlete getting caught up in a real estate and business investment that may have sounded promising to the NFL player at the start but turned sour and laden with lawsuits in the end.

To tell the story of the Goldson/OG strip club purchase case gone awry, went through hundreds of court papers, legal documents, a confidential NFL letter and even an NFL Players Association Alert issued in February 2013 about an involved character who was part of this strip club saga. This story narrative is based on information found in these legal papers, affidavits and letters.

For Goldson, it all began with someone telling him about a plan in early 2015 to buy the strip club that Las Vegans simply refer to as the “OG.” It involved the NFL player and a French businessman named Amadou Tall, who, two years earlier, had caught the attention of the NFL Players Association Security Department, which issued an “ALERT” about Tall in February 2013.

The NFL players union Alert was blunt about Tall: “The NFL Players Association Security Department received information alleging that Amadou Tall is operating a business named Invictus Executive Management Services LLC, also known as Mr. Tall is NOT an NFLPA certified Contract Advisor, nor is he an NFLPA Registered Financial Advisor. It has been alleged that Tall is actively advertising his business to NFL Players and his advertising may lead players to incorrectly believe that he is certified and/or registered with NFLPA.”

The NFL union alert did not stop Goldson from associating with Tall.

In fact, in a Jan. 29, 2016 affidavit, Tall said under oath that Goldson is a “business client and friend.”

According to that affidvit from a little more than two years ago, Tall explained two men, Christophe Jorcin and Alberto Jauregui, approached Goldson in early 2015 to “inquire regarding his interest in participating in the purchase of the OG Club and corresponding real estate.”

That strip club life is for some, not for others. This story is a cautionary tale. If you want to read more, click on the link at the top. Remember never to invest into Strip clubs, unless you’re Floyd Mayweather, because who doesn’t want to see him lose all his money.