The 67-year-old ref known for his muscles, appeared on the “Always Aggravated” podcast, where he was asked about all the rule changes to help make the game safer. 

Hochuli was all for the new changes, adding that there were multiple times per game he thought a player died on the field.

Via The Big Lead

“The players have gotten bigger — I go back, I started in 1990. They’ve gotten bigger and faster and stronger. I worked over 600 games in the NFL, and there wasn’t a single game right up to the very last one that there weren’t a half a dozen times in that game [where] I said, ‘Oh my god, how’s that guy gonna get up off the ground? He’s gotta be dead.’ And they hop up and they go back to the huddle. It’s a collision sport, and we’ve got to protect them. We’ve got to protect them.”

Hochuli worked 306 games, according to Pro-Football Reference.

Most of us watch games on TV, but the speed on the field is a whole different level. 

It’s like car accidents happening all around you. 

Definitely not an easy gig.