One of the most exciting things about watching the NFL season is seeing the new players establish themselves. Some players emerge from nowhere and take the game with a storm, but the most common scenarios are the players who had previously shown signs of greatness in the previous season. Below are some of the  NFL players who might display signs of excellence in 2021.

Cam Akers

Akers had a slow beginning, and his career was not that promising. In the first eight games of the rams’ Akers carried the ball 50 times for 201 yards, although he never touched the ball in two of the games. However, Cam’s career took a total overhaul after running 424 yards in the five final games for Los Angeles. Things changed for the better when he ran 131 rushing yards and 176 overall in the playoff win over Seattle. His skills and occasional pass threat should be more on display now that Stafford is around, with Betway punters excited about the wagering opportunities.

Jaire alexander

Jan 24, 2021; Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA; Green Bay Packers cornerback Jaire Alexander (23) celebrates after a play during the fourth quarter against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFC Championship Game at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

When wagering on the NFL with Betway sports betting, Jaire Alexander is among the few second-year players worth following closely this year. Alexander was the 18th pick during the 2018 draft, and he finally showed some commendable improvements in 2019 after three seasons. 

Back then, Alexander was less of a threat in the games as he had made only 80 passes thrown all year. No wonder his teammates in the quarterback avoided him because he had a low rating of 67.4 passer. Alexander made his debut of pro bowling this year. Though he does not have the ratings and recognition just like Jalen Ramsey, Xavier Howard, or other elite cornerback players, it is evident that he belongs to their class. He is a player to watch out for in 2021.

Jessie Bates III

Some of the players are always unnoticed and underappreciated. One of those players is Jessie Bates iii, as he was pro football focus’s highest-graded safety in the current season. After three years in the league, he does not have even a single pro bowl nod. His chances to be recognized as one of the best players might be in 2021. 

Brian Burns

Dec 19, 2020; Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA; Carolina Panthers outside linebacker Brian Burns (53) sacks Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) during the second quarter at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Brian went up the rankings in 2020 after he had a promising campaign in 2019.  he racked up nine sacks, twenty-one quarterbacks, three forced fumbles, and eight tackles for loss for the panthers’ defense. Brian’s grade in football shot from 63.7 to 76.8 in 2020, despite him switching positions from linebacker to defensive end. The first two seasons for Brian were great, and with his current status, he will be one of the best in this year in terms of his pitch performance.

Chase Claypool

In his fourth professional game, Claypool came on like a gangbuster as the second-rounder from Notre Dame had four touchdowns in their victory against the Eagles. He completed the season with nine touchdown catches, among them rookie pass catchers. Assuming that Pittsburg takes more shots down next season, he should emerge as one of the best players in the NFL premier league and possibly one of the best receivers.