Via Yahoo Finance:

“I had been a big fan of the economic policies,” Khan said on stage at Yahoo Finance’s All Markets Summit on Thursday. “That happened, and I think we are benefiting from it.”

On the other hand, Khan added, “I think it’s very clear on social issues—immigration, religion, what have you—I think we need to have a different viewpoint.”

Looking back at the NFL protests and their lasting impact, Khan says,

“Those were human causes that [the players] brought a lot of attention to. And since then, the league has done a lot. We’d need a special program with you to go through all the stuff. And the players have done a lot. That was the time for talk and symbolism; since then, it’s been time for action. And there’s been a lot of action. Local communities, prison reform, a lot of those things that impact not only minorities but other people.”

Khan also declares “the best days of the NFL are ahead of it, especially now with international availability.”

Khan is a billionaire, so Trump in power doesn’t necessarily hurt his bottom line…

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