Draya Michele and her long-term fiance Orlando Scandrick are taking their talents to the nation’s capital. A few moths ago, the Washington Redskins signed the longtime Dallas Cowboys defensive back.

The deal is for two years and is worth a maximum of $10 million. Draya reached out to the Skins about doing their merch. Not that she needs it, Draya was just featured in Forbes about taking her online retail biz to brick and mortar. 

Via Forbes

Since launching Mint Swim, Michele has added two additional online fashion brands, Beige and Coco and Fine Ass Girls. “Every year I keep doing better,” Michele said. Sales from her brands continue to grow, and having the right team in place, plus a strong personal brand, have been key factors. “There’s nothing like being at peace, and knowing that your brand is in the right hands. Good people are hard to find,” she said. “I hired my brand manager straight from FIDM [Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising] school. It [brand management] was her passion. It was exactly what she went to school for, and I could not be happier working with her,” she said.  

Good to see Draya doing her own thing, and apparently crushing it. Scandrick’s career is on the tail end, so he may just have to rely on her when he officially hangs it up.