According to Pro Football Talk, the NFL isn’t going to take any significant action in regards to the way games are officiated.  

This comes days after a no call on a blatant pass interference in the NFC Championship game.

Three days removed from a historic (for good and bad reasons) doubleheader of Super Bowl play-in games, there’s a growing sense that the league will take no significant action to rectify in the future the blatant failure of the officiating crew to flag the Rams for pass interference against the Saints in the final two minutes of the fourth quarter.

“Will never change,” one head coach remarked via text earlier this morning.

This probably isn’t going to sit well with Saints fans, but as documented, there were calls missed that would have benefited the Rams as well.  

I’m happy they aren’t making any changes because of one play, that didn’t decide the game.  The Saints had plenty of opportunity in overtime to win the game and they blew it.  

Every play shouldn’t be reviewable.  Calls are going to be missed.  Making mistakes is part of being a human and it’s a part of football too.