Cole Beasley Drops Debut Rap Album - Sports Gossip

Dallas Cowboys WR Cole Beasley’s debut rap album The Autobiography dropped on Saturday. And in a recent interview he mentioned that he is a rapper turned athlete. Even though this is a debut album Beasley has been writing/rapping through majority of his life.  

He has already received support from his former Dallas Cowboys teammate Dez Bryant on Twitter.

"Trying to bump something real? Go get my dawg Album now @Bease11." the free agent receiver tweeted. It's still early, but according to Beasley, the album is doing reasonably well. Later on in the day he tweeted that the album had already cracked iTunes' Top 20 on the first day of the album's release.

Cole has a legit career as a rapper, who needs the NFL. Life after football looks rosy for Cole. 

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