Popped his cherry

Colton Underwood made his debut as the 'first virgin' star of The Bachelor on Monday and handed out the 'first impression' rose to Hannah G. during the season premiere  

Show host Chris Harrison opened the season by joking that Bachelor Nation would be watching to see 'whether he just might lose something along the way.

That being his virginity. 

He explained his decision to remain a virgin: 

“For me, growing up it was sort of a conscious decision at first. And then I started really diving deep into my professional career and my personal life took a backseat,” Colton said. “And now that it’s happened, I’m not going to just randomly lose it on a one-night stand. It’s not like I’m waiting for marriage. I’m waiting for the right person. I’m waiting for the right moment. It’s just very important to me and I hold a lot of value and lot of stock into it.”

In case you didn't know, Colton is a former NFL player. 

He also previously dated Olympian Aly Raisman. 

Let's meet his first impression rose recipient below: 

Nothing like a virgin dating 30 girls to make great television. 

We'll keep an eye on Colton all season long, to see who he ultimately ends up picking. 

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