She was right

In this clip, Jemele Hill reflects on the culture at ESPN during the height of the Colin Kaepernick controversy, overall maintaining that the company was fair and balanced on the air and behind the scenes. 

Hill emphasizes that she had no restrictions on how she covered the NFL protests, and says that she worked with equal amounts of people who believed in it's purpose as well as those who thought it was distraction. 

Listen to at the 2:15 mark: 

In regards to Kaepernick being blackballed by the NFL owners, Hill is quick to point out the plethora of mediocre quarterbacks who are being signed with far less talent or experience. 

Additionally, Hill reflects on her controversial tweets directed at Donald Trump, in which she called the President a "white supremacist."

Jemele Hill likes to interject herself into controversy, or at least it feels that way. 

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