That's how it's done

The Penguins took on the Rangers in New York on Wednesday night and the game didn't end well for most of the Rangers fans.  Pittsburgh won the game easily, 7-2.

There was one Rangers fan who left a little less disappointed and with a one of a kind souvenir.  According to The Sports Daily, the fan had been heckling Penguins star Sidney Crosby the entire night.

It’s not a stretch to say that fans of rival teams — Capitals, Rangers, etc. — actually hate Crosby, so when he comes to town, they tend to bring their A-game.

That was the case at Madison Square Garden during Wednesday’s game, when a Rangers fan seated next to the penalty box apparently heckled him throughout the contest.

How’d Sid respond? By leaving him his stick, with a personalized message on it, essentially giving him props on the chirp job.

Crosby's message to the Rangers heckler read:

Game recognizes game.  It might have also helped that the Penguins walked away with a five goal victory. 

The soft players in the NBA, who get fans thrown out of the arena for heckling, could take a page out of Crosby's "how to handle a heckler" book.

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