Nick Diaz gave a barely coherent response to a question about a potential fight between Georges St. Pierre and his brother Nate.  He told the TMZ Sports cameraman that he was poisoned before his 2013 fight with GSP.

Diaz’s proof that a “weird ass drug” was put in his post-weight cutting IV, he slept for 14 hours.  That and he claims he should have tested positive for weed. 

Spoken like a man who has taken repeated blows to the head.  You still want to be a fighter kids?

Dana White got the rumors of a possible fight between GSP and the younger Diaz brother started when he revealed the UFC was trying to put the fight together for UFC 227.  

Nate immediately shot down the idea of a fight with by GSP.  He pointed to the fight with his brother and called GSP out for being a steroid using cheater.