Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Nick Foles was spotted all over Southern California this past weekend. He was seen as at the Athletes first Gala, where he received an award 

Hundreds of thousands of dollars was raised for the Orangewood Foundation at the Athletes First Classic Gala was incredible. Orangewood is one of the leading providers of services to foster youth in Orange County. Foles was also checking out the Pac12 tourney, and rooting for his alma mater University of Arizona. 

 The Philadelphia Eagles Superbowl winning QB Nick Foles received the Golden Heart Award at Orangewood Athletes First Event 

Nick spotted cheering on University of Arizona with a large group of wildcats supporters. 

If there’s ever a time that Nick Foles is considered a franchise quarterback, that time is now. The 29-year-old played the game of his life for the Philadelphia Eagles and took home Super Bowl 52 MVP honors after ousting the New England Patriots.  Now we’ll see what happens with him. He’s already a legend in Philly for life.