23 year old Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios was spotted by TV cameras making an obscene gesture with a water bottle.  Not only did he take a loss on the court when Marin Cilic beat him 7-6, 7-6 at the Wimbledon warmup event, he took one off of it in the form of a fine for his obscene gesture.

Via New York Post:

The broadcast cameras filmed Kyrgios at the start of his match taking his final break before the first service game enjoying a very private moment with someone in his players box — for which he was fined 15,000 Euro ($17,500).

The problem was, he was on center court at an event broadcast around the world.

The cameras showed Kyrgios playing around with a water bottler before pretending to masturbate with it as he held it near his groin.

Not exactly the reason you want your sport to get coverage, but there’s no such thing as bad publicity, right?  On the bright side, we all now know there was a tennis event that took place over the weekend.