Reality star Kim Kardashian West announced at the White House Thursday a program that gives formerly incarcerated people Lyft gift cards to help with transportation to job interviews.

When introducing her at press event announcing the program, Trump called Kardashian a “good person.”

“I knew her father, and I’ll tell you, she’s got good genes—that I can tell you. Good genes for everything. And she’s been a real friend, and her husband has been a real friend of mine,” Trump said.

Two reality stars rubbing shoulders. 

Nick Young saw Kim K’s appearance and had this to offer up: 

If Trump can be President, you really never know what can happen. If you had said this before Trump, I would have laughed it off. Now, you never know. .

Anything’s possible. 

But a very scary prediction from Swaggy P.  

Let’s hope he’s not right. 

Check out some pics of the potential Future President below:  

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