Rapper Nicki Minaj is calling out television personality and former NFL Quarterback, Jesse Palmer, who is the host of DailyMailTV. 

The 36-year-old rapper took to social media to send Jesse a message after he spoke about her on TV.

“You better have a good lawyer, #JessePalmer #ArnoldPalmer You just lied on me on nat’l TV & now you’re being sued. You better be able to back up what you just said about me with FACTS. #SuperFacts #Defamation,

She then doubled down: 

“You going to jail @JessePalmerTV,” and “The barbz are getting more tuition & student loan money after I sue this h*e.” Nicki has been in the headlines recently for going public with her new boyfriend Kenneth “Zoo” Petty, a registered sex offender in New York.

And one more shot at Palmer for good measure: 

This is definitely an interesting showdown, one I thought I’d never see. 

Here’s the video Nicki is referring to below: 

Jesse had a tough time adjusting to the NFL, let’s see how he handles Nicki’s pressure. 

Check out some pics of who Jesse Palmer will be dealing with below: 

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