A 51-year-old North Carolina man shot his 21-year-old son with a shotgun on Thanksgiving after an argument about athletes protesting the National Anthem.  The son suffered non-life threatening injuries after being hit in the hand and leg.

Shockingly there was alcohol involved.

Via CBS17:

According to the warrant, witnesses told police that the victim had been drinking heavily throughout the day before the physical and verbal confrontation that led to the shooting occurred.

Lamadrid told police that his family had just sat down to have Thanksgiving dinner when two of his sons got into an argument about athletes taking a knee during the national anthem, warrants show.

The victim became confrontational with his older brother and it was at that point that Lamadrid told his 21-year-old son to leave the house. Soon after telling his son to leave the home, the confrontation between his two children became physical and he tried to step in, but was not strong enough to keep his sons separated, he told police.

Nothing says Happy Thanksgiving like a father-son brawl that ends with gunfire.  And people claim baseball is still America’s pastime.  Nothing is more American than booze, guns, football and the National Anthem.  These are the things that this country was built on.