Last night Jong Kwang-bom lined up for the men’s 500-meter short track race. He took the inside position as North Korean cheerleaders waved their country’s flag in perfect unison. Jong was the last of the North Korean athletes to compete at the Games.  He then fell down and looked to trip his Japanese rival after hitting the ice.

“I believe it was unintentional,” he said. “His hand happened to be by my skate as he fell down.”  “I don’t know what was his intention,” he said. “It is really hard to judge what’s the intention. I don’t know if he tried to grab the skates or if he is just trying to hold onto something like a reflex—there are so many hands all over in our sport. That was a reflex thing more than trying to trip over someone else.” – Japan coach Jonathan Guilmette 

Let’s take a closer look at the video below. To me that looks 100% intentional, no question about it. The Olympics would be way more fun to watch if they just let people do whatever they wanted. 

The North Korean speed skater trying to grab a Japanese rival’s blade after falling down is just not safe, and pretty foolish, that blade has gotta be sharp. The verdict is in, guilty!