Model Roni Rose went viral during Game Two of the 2016 NBA Finals after cameras seemingly caught her giving a seductive look to Warriors star Stephen Curry. The internet had a field day with the image. I’m sure you remember that famous pic above.   

Last night she was supposedly there for Steph’s big return to the court. We know she’s a huge Warriors fan, as you can tell by her IG. Unless the camera caught her, I’m not buying her being there.  

According to Media Take Out

Steph Curry made his FIRST appearance in the playoffs last night – and he was amazing on the court. All of his fans were excited to see him back on the court, and looking like hes ready to collect another NBA championship. But one of his fans stood out more than the rest – a dancer named Roni Rose. As you’ll recall, there were rumors that Roni was Steph’s alleged side chick, when the two were seen LOCKING EYES during the 2017 playoffs. Steph apparently couldn’t stop staring at the Oakland beauty. And Roni has been sitting front row – in $10K seats – for basically the entire playoffs.

You can check out more pics of Roni below, she’s definitely leaching off the Warriors, and has no problem feeding into the Steph rumors.