O.J. Simpson’s former manager Norman Pardo claims in his documentary, “Who Killed Nicole?” that O.J. told him about an affair in a hot tub with Kris Jenner. 

An affair between Simpson and Jenner has been rumored for a longtime, with some claiming that Khloe Kardashian is actually his.

According to Pardo’s version of the story, the one night affair ruined both of their marriages and allegedly required medical attention for Jenner.

Via Page Six:

Simpson said he and his then-wife Nicole, and Robert and Kris Kardashian, were in a Jacuzzi one night while vacationing together, according to Norman Pardo in his new documentary, “Who Killed Nicole?

Nicole and Robert turned in, leaving O.J., then 44, and Kris, then 36, alone in the bubbling water. Kris and Nicole were also good friends.

“‘O.J. said he stood up, pulled his shorts down and, I’ll give you exactly what he said: ‘Her eyes bugged out of her head and I f–ked that B until I broke her,’” Pardo recounts on camera in a segment previewed exclusively by The Post.

Pardo says that after the sexual encounter Jenner went to Simpson’s room to have him take her to the hospital.  He told her to have her husband take her. 

Simpson said “they had to take her to the hospital at 2 or 3 in the morning,” Pardo continues in the movie. “She came to [O.J.’s] room and said, ‘Can you take me to the hospital?’ He said, ‘No. Have Rob do it.’”

It does sound like a story O.J. would tell and if it did happen, then he’s definitely told more than one person.  If so, let’s hope we get to hear from those people as well.  Or who knows, maybe O.J. himself will talk about it.

See the clip from the documentary that Pardo gave to NY Post below:

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