It wasn’t very long ago Odell Beckham Jr. was seen on a video smoking a blunt, next to a woman in a bed who appeared to be doing lines of cocaine. Now the New York Giants superstar receiver is doing appearances at the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards. 

The NFL’s most controversial receiver was spotted with the NFL’s former most controversial receiver, hanging out on the orange carpet together. I’m sure they both had some stories to share with one another. 

No one is saying Beckham is a bad dude, but don’t pretend for one minute that kids should be looking up to him. He’s one of the most talented wide outs in the NFL, and that’s where it should end. He’s clearly not a role model with his behavior. Still love to watch him play football though.

Oh yea, Lamar Odom was on hand too. Just a couple of guys who love weed, and possibly some other drugs. Once again, why are they trying to sell themselves to kids? If this is Odell’s way of making amends, it’s not working. The Giants may be trading him soon, who knows?