Update: According to Beckham’s lawyer this is not Odell in the video, just a guy who shares his hairstyle, via NY Daily News:

“This is 100% not Odell. He was not and is not in Atlanta,” Beckham Jr.’s lawyer told the News. “He has not even been in the state of Georgia recently. The people who falsely posted and reported information will be hearing from his legal team. We intend to take legal action against anyone who perpetuates these false statements and claims.”

Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is back making terrible off-season decisions.  A week after he went viral for appearing in a video, sitting next to a woman with white powder, he’s fighting in a club in Atlanta.

OBJ is shown on video getting involved in a fight that broke out in Atlanta’s Gold Room.  Another bad move for a guy who wants to be the highest paid receiver in the NFL.

If OBJ didn’t receive a call from the Giants after the first video, he should definitely be expecting one now.  Not to mention how disappointed Cris Carter is going to be.