The most beautiful IG models are ripe for the picking, and this is how athletes search for their ladies these days. It’s just the way of the world. Luckily for Odell Beckham Jr. there’s  plenty of fish in the Instagram sea.. 

Our source tells us OBJ has a friend dedicated to scouring the net for him, and in his latest matchmaking efforts, Odell got paired up with this girl. She’s from Jersey, originally from Cuba.

I’m sure she’ll turn her account private if we expose her. That just happened to us when we posted about Aaron Judge’s new girlfriend.

You can check out the pictures above, or if you want to see her IG, it’s at the bottom. Check the timestamp on our tweet, that’s how you know who put in on the net first. 

As soon as they go public, if they ever do, we can reveal more about their situation. Just enjoy the pics, she’s definitely a keeper.