Odell Beckham Jr. has been on his best behavior on and off the field for the Giants this season, but the volatile wide receiver had some eye-opening things to say to ESPN this week in his tandem interview with Lil Wayne. 

The full interview, conducted by Josina Anderson, is scheduled to appear on Sunday, but in a clip made public on Friday Beckham questioned his team’s heart, energy, camaraderie and offensive strategy.

“It’s partly the NFL,” he said. “It’s different than college. When we left practice in college, we’re going to eat . . . When everybody leaves (in the NFL) they’ve got a family, they’ve got a wife, they’ve got kids to go home to. I don’t have that, so I try and build that relationship with my teammates, because I want to know who am I going to war with every day.

When the heat’s on, who is this person outside of just being at work?“So a lot of it has to do with the energy that we have, that we don’t bring every single day. And you know me, I’m a passionate, energetic person. I always have to have that. If I don’t it’s going to be a problem for me. And just playing with some heart, like we just need to play with some heart.“We’re only 1-3. The year we went 11-5 (in 2016), we were 2-3. We ended up being 2-3 after five games.

So you never know when you can go on a run. But It’s just a matter of when we’re going to go on a run. How come we can’t throw the ball for more than 20 yards? How come we don’t attempt or try to throw the ball for more than 20 yards?“Those are questions that we have to figure out, but for now I would say it’s our heart, it’s our energy. It’s what we bring when we line up before the game, all of that, that counts.”

He also ripped Eli Manning in the interview. 

The Giants were on the practice field when reporters became aware of the comments. OBJ had this to say about Eli taking in some of the criticism aimed at him. 

OBJ is only one guy, he can’t win by himself. 

That’s why you don’t overpay a wide receiver.