Looks like Odell Beckham Jr. ready for some Browns football.

Judging from the hype video he posted Wednesday night on his Instagram account, the answer is unequivocally yes,

“Believeland we’re here….It’s that time. …Cleveland. This ones for you!’’ he wrote in the caption.

The video, posted on the eve of the first training camp practice, begins with the OBJ No. 13 hood ornament ascending from his orange Rolls Royce.

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Joe Thomas captures the essence of the season on NFL Network.

“Remember that river was burning in Cleveland and that big parade they had after the Cavs won?’’ Thomas asks. “ They better have that the firefighters on standby because that city is about to burn down. That is a Browns town, and they can feel it and they can taste it right now.’’

Jim Rome’s commentary from CBS sports plays over the footage.

“They’re not looking to make the playoffs. They’re not looking to win only the division. They’re looking to win the whole damn thing,’’ Rome says. “They aren’t taking baby steps, they’re looking to take giant steps.

“hey have an electric, young QB, they have the best receiving tandem in football, Odell and Jarvis on the same roster…..whule I wa the only one saying it back in October, you can all say it with me. The Cleveland Browns are America’s team!’’

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