Two technicals were given to Michigan’s Mo Wagner and Villanova’s Omari Spellman, they cancelled each other out, but they were notable because they’re the first techs in a title game since 1993.  Remember that? 

I do like it was yesterday, because it was one of the greatest blunders of all time. Luckily it didn’t ruin Chris’ career. It easily could have emotionally crippled him for life. But talent like Webber’s was going to ultimately propel him to NBA stardom. 

 Some fans were happy, others were annoyed they had to mention the infamous timeout. 

When you a call a timeout in a situation when you don’t have any, you get a technical foul. That’s something Michigan fans will never forget, and probably few people knew before it happened. Webber’s infamous timeout call late in the ‘93 title led to Michigan losing the game as it put an opponent on the line for some freebies to ice the game. That was one of the most memorable mistakes of all time. Check out more below.