“The 48-year-old lieutenant said his first reaction was to punch Beckham, a former LSU player, but that he kept his cool.

The next day, however, the officer called the New Orleans Police Department and said he wanted to press charges, according to court records.

According to police, the lieutenant momentarily “wanted to retaliate by punching the offender” — later identified as Beckham — but didn’t.

That description appears to have been included to illustrate that the contact was unwanted, which is necessary to allege a battery. 

The officer also considered arresting Beckham but decided against it “due to the jovial atmosphere of the locker room.”

The sworn statement suggests the officer later realized who had slapped him after a cellphone video of the encounter had gone viral online. After calling the NOPD and undergoing an interview early Wednesday, the officer indicated that he wanted to press charges.

Although the police statement doesn’t name any of the players the lieutenant spoke to, the clip shows an officer admonishing LSU right guard Damien Lewis before the slap. Lewis doesn’t appear to have a cigar in his hand, and the officer seems to be asking what’s in a bottle near Lewis.